Procam Delivers World-Class Solutions to the Automotive Industry

At Procam, we understand that lean manufacturing, just-in-time parts delivery and production flexibility are critical in this industry. We can help you address these and other industry-specific challenges to optimize your assembly operations and increase supply chain control. Our solutions deliver differentiating business impact, through increased visibility, reduced costs and continuous operational improvements.

We therefore provide transportation and logistics services that enable you to optimize your supply chains, meet tighter production schedules, and operate on the basis of lean production principles. To ensure that such complex supply systems run smoothly, we develop and implement finely tuned supply chain solutions with integrated air and ocean freight services for the automotive industry. We utilize our proven logistics strategies to drive innovation by utilizing continuous improvement techniques for inbound production, aftermarket logistics and vehicle transport.

Our dedicated automotive specialists have in-depth industry knowledge and extensive expertise in supply chain consulting, implementation, and execution. Our specialists are strategically located in key areas around the world based on the industry’s major strategic markets and your requirements. They ensure operational excellence across air freight, road freight, ocean freight and supply chain management, thereby covering your global and local needs.

Procam’s people, processes, and services are geared to finding new ways to reduce cost and inefficiency, clarify processes, improve delivery accuracy, as well as simplify the most complex and extended supply chains

We offer proactive solutions to help you

  • Inbound Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation Management
  • In-plant Logistics
  • Supply Chain